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Rollover Simulators

Experience a car crash / sudden stop while wearing seat belts and feel the forces that work on your body at 12 km/hour.

Seatbelt convincer / car crash simulator makes the driver realize the importance of seat belts while driving.

Those subjected to the simulation experience how strong a collision with a stationary barrier can be at a speed of about 12 km / h.

single and double model with one seat facing back

Easy to use

Snap-on chair lock, lever-activated release.

Fully manual

No power supply needed. Simulators light construction enables easy and effortless manual service.

Low speed

12 km/hour speed is low and safe but provides enough impact to realize the importance of seat belts

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Seatbelt convincer in use


See it in action

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What do you gain?

A tool for raising awareness of importance of seat belts in the vehicle.

Way to demonstrate forces acting on the human body and transported objects

Promotion / attraction on the occasion of a lecture on Road Safety.

The image of the company (institution) that cares about the promotion of safe driving.

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What do course participants gain?

Experience a “car crash” in a safe environment, knowledge of reaction of the body.

Awareness of the need to use safety belts and forces acting on the hand-held or unsecured items.

Awareness that the increase in speed results in greater effects during a sudden stop.

Awareness of the dangers resulting from a sudden stop.

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Product advantages

Car seat with integrated seat belt.

Easy to transport, assemble and disassemble. Small weight of the device.

Possibility to order a product with a custom made trailer.

Rail made using special trolleys hidden inside the profiles.

Why Alucar?

Our company as a manufacturer of trailers and semi-trailers designed the simulator on a trailer carried from the ground, dedicated to the individual conditions of each vehicle, which is the basis for complying with traffic regulations, distribution of axle loads, as well as appropriate vertical load on the hook (in accordance with the homologation). Only such solution will provide you with a safe transportation of the simulator.

In addition, our simulators (as the only one in the country and a few abroad) have all the necessary approvals, entry into service, attests, European safety certificates, the study of  electromagnetic low-voltage and lightning protection. Our future cooperation will not end with the sale. We provide continuous support at every stage of the use of simulators. Our service is at your disposal around the clock, and the technical department will be informed about all the technological novelties and modifications.

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