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Rollover Simulator add-on module

Driver reaction time simulator

This simulator allows you to check the driver’s reaction time during sudden and unexpected road situations, including the correctness of an emergency braking technique with ABS and a manual gearbox.


Check yourself

A clear way to monitor the driver reaction time.

Instant results

Instant access to results from the home screen

Check your braking distance!

Special module calculates braking distance. Result include driver’s reaction time, road surface conditions and vehicle speed.

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Driver reaction time simulator in use


See it in action

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What do you gain?

Device showing the actual braking distance according to the reaction time, speed and road surface.

Ability to practice correct braking technique and lowering response time.

Awareness of the importance learning the correct emergency braking technique.

Possibility of running paid simulator rental services.

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What do course participants gain?

They know their own reaction time and its effect on the braking distance.

They know how the braking distance change at different speeds and surfaces.

They learn the proper emergency braking technique.

Awareness of the need to maintain safe speed on the road and correct distance from other vehicles.

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Product advantages

Battery powered, automatic charging.

Clear and large LCD touch panel.

Analysis of the performed braking technique.

Unique device on the market.

Why Alucar?

Our company as a manufacturer of trailers and semi-trailers designed the simulator on a trailer carried from the ground, dedicated to the individual conditions of each vehicle, which is the basis for complying with traffic regulations, distribution of axle loads, as well as appropriate vertical load on the hook (in accordance with the homologation). Only such solution will provide you with a safe transportation of the simulator.

In addition, our simulators (as the only one in the country and a few abroad) have all the necessary approvals, entry into service, attests, European safety certificates, the study of  electromagnetic low-voltage and lightning protection. Our future cooperation will not end with the sale. We provide continuous support at every stage of the use of simulators. Our service is at your disposal around the clock, and the technical department will be informed about all the technological novelties and modifications.

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